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Water Sign Films is dedicated to creating emotional and imaginative stories. Whether we are sharing bittersweet comedies about childhood or thrilling dramas about survival, Water Sign approaches every project with the goal of creating an experience that feels true for our viewers.  

Founded in 2018, Water Sign is a collaboration of various filmmakers seeking to share their films with the world. Our first feature film, Technicolour Daydream, is currently screening at film festivals and will be releasing on Blu-ray and DVD summer 2019.

“I've got an idea."

Mitch Hudson has been working in the film industry since 2013, and has been involved in various productions from local TV commercials to box office hits. His first feature, "Technicolour Daydream," won numerous awards in its festival run and is currently being considered by various distribution companies. In support of the film, Mitch has been involved in charity events such as "Relay for Life" and has partnered with Full Sail University to give a scholarship to aspiring filmmakers. Mitch currently lives in Atlanta, GA, where he is prepping to make his next film.
Mitch Hudson
Executive Director


Playback is a short drama starring Oscar Logan and Tatiana Harman. In the film, a garbage collector named Greg finds a broken video camera with a heartbreaking message from a pregnant teenager. When Greg discovers that the message never made it to the person it was meant for, he takes it upon himself to deliver a message that could change someone’s life. Winner of “Best Film” at the Liberty Film Festival and “Audience Choice” at James River Shorts.

Technicolour Daydream

Technicolour Daydream is a coming-of-age film, and is Water Sign’s first full-length feature. When 12-year-old Clark finds out that his family is about to be uprooted from their house, he and his friends try to win a film contest to save his home. Nico Ford stars, with Debbie Hartner and Gary Payne in supporting roles. Technicolour Daydream has played in various film festivals across the United States, earning several awards including the Gray Frederickson Award for Best First-Time Filmmaker. This film will be releasing on Blu-ray/DVD and streaming services in the summer of 2019.

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Water Sign’s newest feature film is currently in pre-production. Follow us on social media to see more!

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